History as a Science

History as a Science

This article is to piggy back the presentation I made last week on Bury and I feel like it does a good job at describing the topic of History as a science and not as literature. I know we are all in throws of the final weeks and have no time for more reading but if you are doing your paper on Scientific history this isn’t a bad source.

-Andrew Flesher



Frederick Jackson Turner’s Influence on Fontier Fanaticism

Frederick Jackson Turner’s Influence on Fontier Fanaticism

My historian is Frederick Jackson Turner who is known for his study and research on the American Frontier. He considers pioneers of the west distinctly American and believes it is because of them and not Puritan Colonists or slave holding Southerners that American culture was developed. All of the readings I have done so far (for the wiki) suggest that it is because of Turner that the fascination with the frontier and American image exists.

The link provided is to a BBC video. The video demonstrates the American public’s interest and self-identification through the history of the frontier, the American West. Much of what Turner wrote (though later rejected as too general a view) still influences the way in which Americans think of their past as unique and distinct.



Kaitlyn Knapp