Ranke Disassembled

I very much enjoyed the way Beard disassembles Ranke’s theory and authorship. Although I’m focusing my final paper on Rankean theory and empiricism, I find Beard to be an all right read.



2 thoughts on “Ranke Disassembled

  1. Yet it is funny how Beard was as famous as Fredrick Jackson Turner but destroyed his career when he said that FDR tricked the American people into entering the Second World War. Ironically Turner and Beard both were trying to develop an American identity as a time when America was expanding imperialistically. Even though many did not believe that they were. ~~Nikolay Zherebnenkov

    • Also it is interesting that Beard and more so his collaborator Robinson questioned FDR’s policy’s when it came to foreign issues but stood firm with his domestic economic plans. Even FDR could be seen as the flip flopping New Dealer who aimed for popular opinion he is also, to Beard and Robinson a provider of a ladder to reach out of the destitution that the country had entered in the thirties. Also we could argue that if it wasn’t for FDR and his immediate predecessors the U.S. economic situation after WWI could have improved and would not have lead to the crash and poverty issue that FDR inherited in his first term. But then again WWII and the governments “purchasing” out of the depression is what helped create FDR’s image. The depression and the epochs of WWI and WWII is one of the most interesting time periods I feel, on both a global and local scale.
      -Andrew F.

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