Insights with Rene Girard

I’ve been studying the philosophy of Rene Girad for the last a couple of weeks. Hopefully you guys find this interview interesting as well. First he is describing the triangular structure of desire,object, model, and subject — Girard tells how conflicts are resolved and why human society is not marked by total conflict all the time. He further speaks of the intersection of the universal themes of mythology and Christianity. History is a test of mankind, says Rene Girard, and mankind is failing that test.

Harry Dhillon


One thought on “Insights with Rene Girard

  1. Interesting to hear that they use a model with three and that model can be used for anything. Reminds me of one of the ancient Roman historians because one of them also uses the number three for events and when certain things happen. ~~ Nikolay Zherebnenkov

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