Macaulay as a travel agent.


Thomas_Babington_Macaulay,_1st_Baron_Macaulay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I the only one who read Macaulay and thinks he is literally calling out all historians new and old? While he is bad mouthing, he is also challenging his peers to see more and produce better work. I think Macaulay is pretty epic and bold from what I read and below is my favorite quote from our reading. Whats yours?



“The effect of historical reading is analogous, in many respects, to that produced by foreign travel. The student, like the tourist, is transported into a new state of society. He sees new fashions. He hears new modes of expression. His mind is enlarged by contemplating the wide diversities of laws, of morals, and of manners. But men may travel far, and return with minds as contracted as if they had never stirred from their own market-town.” Pg85 of Stern




3 thoughts on “Macaulay as a travel agent.

  1. No I definitely agree with you. He did a lot for the study of history. However, I felt he let his political views influence his writing. His bias is so over the top. Also, I do like this quote as well..
    Harry Dhillon

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