Hey guys I was just finishing up the homework on Ranke and I started to remember some stuff I read in an interesting history book from another class. It gives a pretty good contextual background in16th century Germany with a focus on government and mercantilism. Not sure if any of you had to read this book but reading some of Ranke’s Latin and Germanic Nations history made me jump back to this book. It is a good primary source for anyone interested in that time period or to compare the difference between a more contemporary historian (Ozment) to Ranke modern approach. Obviously Ozment was influenced by Ranke but the comparison could be done within each historians narrative style. Any way I have listed the book below with a small description and if you ever have Professor Klein as a lecturer you might have to read this one.

Ozment, Steve. Magdalena and Balthasar: An intimate Portrait of Life in the 16th Century Europe Revealed in the Letters of a Nuremberg Husband and Wife, Yale University Press, 1986.

A set of letters between a German husband and wife that lived during the 16th century that help describe mercantilism and its affect on the areas growth. There are also insights into the practice of medicine, birth rates and government bodies within the letters. Ozment’s commentary helped give the letters context and created a nice broad historical view at 16th century Germany.


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