After reading Einhard I thought, “wow, that Charlemagne was an approachable guy.” I understand his view was completely biased and only highlighted the good…but I found it to be fresh in style. He detailed intimacies otherwise unknown about the King that I’m sure many of the population enjoyed. Unlike Procopius, who also gave personal details of scandal, Einhard made Charelmagne human. He ate fruit, drank a glass of wine, then took a nap just like anyone else… I know these are frivolous details that don’t give a critical analysis of the guy, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


-K. Knapp


One thought on “Einhard

  1. After taking the History of the Early Middle Ages from about 476 CE to 1087 CE. It is also interesting to see what Einhard saw, because in that class we had to read “The Two Lives of Charlemagne.” The thing is that both our reading and the books for that class both have similarities. Such as writing about things that are not so great but everyday tasks, like eating and drinking. However, in a time when the world was in chaos and people were trying to find some kind of stability, maybe this seems something out of the normal for them. ~~ Nikolay Zherebnenkov

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