Horatius At the Bridge

This is a poem written by my Historian. Hope you guys enjoy. The first part of the poem Horatius At the Bridge, by Thomas Babbington Macaulay.

Harry Dhillon


One thought on “Horatius At the Bridge

  1. Listening to this poem, it felt that this poem was glorifying Rome way to much. Yet at one point it says, “For Romans in Rome’s quarrel spared neither land nor gold, Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life, in the brave days of old.” As well, a bit later the author says, that “The Romans were like brothers in the brave days of old. Now Roman is to Roman more hateful than a foe …” Kind of reminds me of the United States now, for we are somewhat enemies of each other. Except in our time the camps are between the liberals and the conservatives or Rublicans and Democrats. ~~ Nikolay Zherebnenkov

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