Thomas Macaulay

This videos list some interesting quotes from my historian.
Harry Dhillon


2 thoughts on “Thomas Macaulay

  1. “By poetry we mean the art of employing words in such a manner as to produce an illusion on the imagination; the art of doing by means of words what the painter does by means of colors.” This is quote is really something because historians also employ the use of words to try recreate a certain event, however, it is not possible to fully recreate an event unless there is large amount of evidence that can help. As John Lewis Gaddis said in his book “The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past”, historians connect the dots, not look for variable like the hard core scientists do (i.e. physicists, chemists, etc.). ~ Nikolay Zherebnenkov

  2. “We must judge a form of government by its general tendency, not by happy accidents.” This quote reminded of a William Cooper quote that relates to the Boston bombing and the whole Idea behind a black flag operation. “It is no accident that these killings were carried out just before Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, and several other States were scheduled to vote on Concealed Carry laws, and just two weeks before the NRA Convention was to take place in Denver. It is the traditional time of human sacrifice demanded by the ancient, New Age, and New World Order pagan gods Baal, Ishtar and Moloch. Your children are being programmed by mind control operations which utilize music, movies, television and computer games. Wake up…the agenda is gun control. ” – William Cooper Now why it reminded me of Cooper is that Cooper questioned government all the way to conspiracy theory and his eventual death. Macaulay also says to question governments intentions and the general tendency in which the operate. A bold inference, but I believe they connect.

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