Suetonius by Nikolay Zherebnenkov

After reading all of the Roman historians, one of the ones that there is like-hate relationship is Suetonius. The reason for liking the historian Suetonius is because he is probably the first to actually dive into the archives because the Romans were probably actually the first ones to start saving their important documents. However, there is a dislike to this Suetonius and it is that he was an Emperors playboy in the sense that the only reasons why he writes on the Emperors is because he had his Secretarial job because of Hadrian and Trajan to whom he actually gives credit for his jobs in his writings. However, what struck and stuck the most is that even though he writes about the Emperors he does not show them in a god like state in which the actors are with out fault but are actually human and have their own faults.


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